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Transport on the Move Resource Book


For Ages: 10+ years

An excellent teaching resource for any library, full of lesson plan ideas for the topic of transport!

This book gives you a ticket to ride on vehicles as common as a car and as bizarre as a blimp! From horses to highways and ships to shuttles, transport has continually developed to reach destinations with increasing speed, comfort and technology.

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Hitch a ride on a chariot in Ancient Rome, take a trip on the Titanic (make sure you reserve a space on a lifeboat), cruise in classic cars and submerge into the world of submarines. This is your chance to hover in a "chopper", handle huskies in harsh snow and pedal a penny farthing. Along the way, stop off and meet the incredible inventors of many marvellous machines and super safety devices.

This book gives you the keys to discover how different forms of transport were developed, as well as giving you a trunk-full of trivia and amazing facts. Travel across land, sea and air, with a side-trip into space and skate back home, a little wiser on everything with wings, wheels, sails and keels.

Author: Sandy Tasker

  • ISBN: REAU5051
  • Published by: Ready Ed

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