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Australian Geography Series: Year 5


or Ages: Year 5 Year 5 - Characteristics of Places is part of the Australian Geography Series which comprises nine books in total. This book has been written specifically for students in Year 5 who are living in Australia and studying Geography. The activity book is arranged in to two sections: Place: Location, Services And Growth, and Environment: Climate, Humans And Sustainability. Both sections are closely linked to thenew Australian National Curriculum for Geography. Click here for sample pages from this book The first section, Place: Location, Services And Growth explores factors relating to why some places continue to develop, whilst others experience population decline. It examines the link between services in places and where they are located. The second section, Environment: Climate, Humans And Sustainability, introduces students to concepts related to climate such as: temperature and rainfall patterns, elevation and vegetation. The climate zone and sustainable land use of Australia’s hot and humid savannahs is compared and contrasted with those in East Indonesia. Students will be asked to explain the threats to the savannah lands and research possible responses to these threats. This section also explores indigenous land and resource management and evaluates the changes that have occurred to the land after colonisation. The effects of bushfires on communities and environments also features. Year 5 is a teacher-friendly resource for 10-11 year olds studying Geography. The influence of climate on human activities will be explored from multiple perspectives through tasks designed to develop thinking skills. Information is supported by ample illustrations, photograph studies and map data. Author: Lisa Craig

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  • ISBN: REAU9065
  • Published by: Ready Ed

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