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Internet Activities for Little Kids Book 1


For Ages: 6-9 years

The activities in this book are designed for use by young students who are using the Internet as an information source. The fact that the links used have already been researched and checked out by the aurthor makes the task much easier, as all the student needs to do is to click on the web links supplied by Ready-Ed.

In doing this students will achieve the following learning outcomes:

-Using basic research skills to respond to focus questions;
-Using basic research skills to extrapolate information from Internet references;
-Using a variety of online libraries and sources to expand on the information available.

The book (General Themes) explores a variety of high interest themes that the 6 to 9 year old will find stimulating, but challenging. These themes include examining worms, frogs, literary figures, puzzles, space, dinosaurs and other countries.

Author: Jane Bourke

  • ISBN: REAU2017
  • Published by: Ready Ed

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