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History of Australia


For Ages: 10-13 years The History of Australia allows students to explore the ways in which indigenous Australians lived before and after European colonisation. It encourages students to trace the movements of early Dutch and British maritime explorers of Australia and understand the process of colonisation. Life in established Australian colonies as convicts and free settlers is also examined as are the expansion of colonies and the continued exloration of the land by Europeans. Other important historical events such as The Gold Rush, the Eureka Stockade and the peak and decline of bushranging are investigated. This book contains a large number of activity sheets which have been carefully designed to capture and sustain students' interest in Australian history, develop their listening, reading, creative and independent thinking skills and enhance their historical awareness. All activities are curriculum linked and to make life easy for the teacher the answers are provided at the back of the book. Author: Lindsay Marsh

  • ISBN: REAU5058
  • Published by: Ready Ed

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