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Australian Geography Series: Year 1


For Ages: Year 1 Year 1 - People Have Distinctive Features is part of the Australian Geography Series which consists of nine books in total. This book has been written for students living in Australia who are studying Geography in Year 1. It is divided into three clear sections which connect to the new National Curriculum for Geography. Click here for sample pages from this book The first section is entitled Describing Places - it investigates the features of places and asks the students to locate a variety of features on a map. The second section of this book, Using Spaces, gives students the opportunity to explore the different ways in which spaces are used in their home, school and community. It examines the idea that spaces can be used for different purposes depending on how they are arranged. Environmental Features, the third and final section of the book, includes activities that allow students to observe and describe the weather, vegetation and animals in the environment. All of the activity pages in this book are visually appealing to help Year 1 students process the concepts being taught. As students complete the activities they will also be learning and practicing a range of geographical skills, such as: sorting and classifying, mapping, labeling, matching, graphing and conducting simple surveys to collect data. Author: Chenelle Davies

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  • ISBN: REAU9061
  • Published by: Ready Ed

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