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Oceans Alive BLM


For Ages: 8+ years

Activities for Young Learners series
(to be used with the Oceans Alive Resource Book)

This series is set against the backdrop of five high interest themes. These innovative packages act as springboards for developing and enhancing thinking and creativity skills for junior to middle primary levels.

The photocopy masters activity books contains sets of stand-alone activities which are ideal for either a learning centre, homework challenge or general library or classroom lessons. Half of the activities are CYBER CHALLENGES and students will be directed to a website (easily accessed through the Ready-Ed website) in order to complete the activity. All activities are outcome linked to the English, Society & Environment (SOSE / HSIE) and Science curriculum documents.

In this book, activities explore ocean industries such as pearling and mining, ocean features such as tsunamis, waves, tides and icebergs and ocean exploration using submersibles. Half of the book is devoted to pages on the wonderful creatures that live in the sea, ranging from tide pool crustaceans to coral reef plants and fish, to monsters of the very deep sea.

Author: Sandy Tasker

  • ISBN: REAU5024
  • Published by: Ready Ed

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