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Fantastic Inventions


For Ages: 9-13 years

Fantastic Inventions explores land, air and sea tranport. Students are encouraged to map the developments of these forms of travel by examining some of the earliest technological inventions, such as the Wankel car engine, the Wright brothers' Flyer and the Turtle submarine.

Fantastic Inventions also inspires students to investigate the latest vehicle concepts and creations as it unearths a world of flying and underwater cars, modern day airbuses with creches, secret supersonic jets and nuclear and diesel submarines. Let your students discover how many millions of dollars people are paying for a ride on a suborbital space plane and learn what submariners do during their six month stints at sea.

This book is filled with practical, curriculum-linked classroom activities which will motivate students to become the latest inventors.

Author: Robyn Fitzgerald

  • ISBN: REAU5044
  • Published by: Ready Ed

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